I’ve known Neil Mandt for over 15 years and have enjoyed working on various projects together, always bringing great ideas to the table. Besides his creativity, he really knows how to navigate the entertainment industry and knock on all the right doors.

Grammy winning member of The Backstreet Boys

Howie Dorough

Neil has always been ahead of the curve and a very valuable source for me as someone who seems to have a fabulous grasp of the shifts and evolution of the media space particularly in the areas of AI, AR and VR. He has been a great teacher, adviser and friend.

Co-Owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Larry Paul

Neil Mandt is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. His stories are legendary, his work ethic is Herculean, and he’s the kind of leader that invites a ‘Best Idea Wins’ collaborative atmosphere.

2023 Golden Globe Winner, Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Paul Walter Hauser

Neil is one of the most unique individuals working in the media/entertainment space. Highly entrepreneurial person who understands all elements of the media industry. From creating to selling, Neil has done it all. But what truly qualifies him for unique assessment is that he has worked in areas never previously treaded in and has paved the way. Wonderful person to learn from.

Creator of Showtime, Lifetime, Smithsonian, Sundance and A&E Networks

Jules Haimovitz

With his vast industry expertise and practical understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of media and technology, Neil is not just a mentor, but a North Star for those seeking to thrive in this dynamic new world of entertainment. 

President, Endeavor Films


Neil has been a great source of knowledge and inspiration for me. I count him as my consigliere of sorts. Don’t leave home without Neil Mandt on speed dial.

DJ, A Tribe Called Quest

Rasta Root

Neil is a visionary creative with a breadth of knowledge in the entertainment industry. A passionate expert, his experience is invaluable and his mentorship has led to some of the most successful careers in Hollywood.

Former SVP of Production, VH1 & A&E Networks


I took Neil’s course and also had multiple one-on-one mentorship sessions with him. I am happy to report that thanks to Neil, I now have a new suite of tools which I believe I will help me succeed in this incredibly competitive industry. Best money I’ve ever spent!

Student at Rochester Institute of Technology, Class of 2023

Rosie Sirk

There are plenty of talented people in Hollywood, but Neil Mandt has been a visionary in terms of knowing what the next big thing is when the worlds of Tinseltown and technology collide. There is no better person to provide a 360-degree view of the entertainment industry.

Creator of Basketball Wives, VH1

Alex Demyanenko

I wrote my first novel thanks to Neil and his guidance. Neil is without a doubt a true mentor and his wisdom and advice are invaluable and unparalleled. He changed my life for the better.


Don Dula

Thanks to Neil’s class and his incredible one on one sessions, I feel even more prepared to exit college and enter the industry! His mentorship has been invaluable and taught me more than I ever could have learned on my own.

Film Student at Savanah College of Art and Design

Seamus Mahoney

This course provides all the steps you need when looking to succeed in the entertainment industry. Having access to this material has been the biggest asset to my career.Neil is an incredible and inspiring career coach.

Providence College Graduate Class of 2023

Max Mosolino

I've known Neil for more than two decades. He always has an incredible sense of what is next in the entertainment business and I look to him to guide me in the right direction. When I'm developing new concepts, often Neil is my first call.

Director, Survivor on CBS

Scott Messick

Neil is a true creative visionary. His ability to conceptualize and execute groundbreaking ideas is nothing short of remarkable. In any facet of entertainment business, Neil consistently delivering content that captivates and inspires audiences.

Head of ThinkReality ISV Partnerships - Lenovo

Joshua Glassel

Neil is an extraordinary individual, a whirlwind of ambition and unwavering self-assurance that propels him towards his limitless dreams. Neil's magnetic personality has never failed to captivate those around him.

Multi-Emmy Nominated Producer & Sony Studio Executive

Jamie Canniffe

"I've known Neil Mandt for more than two decades, and I can say with confidence he is an incredible entrepreneur with content creation skills like no one else in my circle. I trust Neil!"

NFL Hall of Fame Football Player

Barry Sanders

Neil has provided guidance leading to a successful career producing and directing several films and countless TV projects. His insight and knowledge are invaluable!

Senior Producer at The Walt Disney Company

Brian Cavallaro

Neil is easily one of the most innovative, insightful, creative, thoughtful, high energy and hard working people I have had the pleasure of seeing in action.

Former CMO, BMG Entertainment

Kevin Conroy

Thanks to Neil's mentorship, I have a very solid career as a filmmaker. I have directed campaigns for some of the biggest fashion brands, including Versace and Prada, and I’m directing my third feature project.

Senior Director at Conde Nast

Daniel Poler

Neil believes in going big and in creative innovation, and is a phenomenal mentor. Anyone would benefit from having Neil as a connection; he wants everyone to win and that's what makes working with him priceless.

Forbes 30 under 30 Scholar, Columbia University Masters Program

Courtney Jiggetts

So many people could benefit from Neil's extensive expertise in the entertainment industry. This could be the most important money ANYONE who's trying to break into this area could spend.


Neil Hogan

From directing, acting, producing, journalism, and entrepreneurship, Neil has done it all. Nobody is more qualified to enlighten those with Hollywood aspirations about the intricacies and pitfalls of the business.

Creator, “Poker Face” Peacock

Lilla Zuckerman

He's multi faceted - succeeding in studio movies, indie movies, TV, reality, awards shows and web to name a few. My goal is to keep working with Neil and his team for the next 20 years. I highly recommend him on all fronts.

Producer of the Miss USA Paegent


Neil is one of the best producers and intellectuals in the business. He is always cutting edge and has a very strong handle on the future of technology. Neil is very gifted.

Grammy Winner, "Producer of the Year"

Walter Afanaiseff

Neil's ability to make things happen, is what Hollywood legends are made of. Producing, Directing, VR, APPS...you name it, he has a deep, and valuable knowledge of it.

Writer & Director of multiple feature films

Paul Tarantino

My daughter (a film student) and I spent two hours with Neil, and I can tell you the information he relayed was invaluable! I most definitely would recommend working with Neil if you're serious about getting into the film industry! 

Mother of a film student

Niki Woehler

Neil skillfully simplifies complex concepts, while also setting the future state of the entertainment industry without utilizing tactics of fear and trepidation, but rather with actionable intelligence, inspiration, and impact. 

CEO, Sports Leadership Institute 

Ian Gaffney

Neil is an amazing mentor with expertise and knowledge in a multitude of diverse areas of entertainment (and beyond!). His guidance led to me reaching my goal of being on a major network television series.

Reality TV Personality

Bubba Britton

I’ve watched Neil grow from a fellow producer into the owner of his own successful production company. I can’t think of anyone better to learn this business from.

Executive Producer Family Feud

Brian Hawley

Neil Mandt is my 'Kevin Bacon'. . . he is one degree from anyone you need to know in order to succeed in Hollywood. When I first got to town he not only had my back, but opened doors. He's the ultimate connector, consummate professional and a fantastic friend.


Wendy Birch

I was able to work with some of the biggest and most talented names in Hollywood thanks to Neil's mentorship. Without him I would not be where I am today.

Emmy Nominated Producer & Director

Nick Scown

Neil is the most diverse entrepreneur I’ve worked with during my 15 years in the entertainment industry. Neil’s entrepreneurial success is consistent and vast and can be verified by assessing his credentials; over 30 years, he has been a creator and producer of content in all forms of media. If there’s anything you don’t know, Neil is your guy with the answer.

EVP International TV Distribution at MGM

Matt Vassalo

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Neil Mandt