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“Neil Mandt is my 'Kevin Bacon'... he is one degree from anyone you need to know in order to succeed in Hollywood”

Neil Mandt

Wendy Burch, Journalist

Neil Mandt is uniquely skilled at simplifying the many complex aspects of how artificial intelligence, media and the Internet are colliding in unimaginable ways. Through his dynamic and engaging presentations, Neil shares the insights and wisdom he has gained from 30+ years of entrepreneurship

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In my speeches I share my unique insights on entrepreneurship, media, technology and the future of business with some of the biggest leaders in countless industries.

Organizations and individuals seek me out because they are looking to do something new, pivot, communicate in a different way, reach new audiences, or understand imminent disruption to their field or lfe. 

Disruption is a word that many use, however, few have practical experiences. For over 30 years I have been on the front edge of business, media and technologies as an actual innovator.

As a teenager I produced Emmy Award winning television shows in the early days of cable. I generated millions of dollars in revenue producing web videos before the mass adoption of YouTube. I created a successful VR, AR and AI company in 2015 and have been recognized as a leader in the space ever since.

It doesn’t matter whether you know anything about blockchain, the Metaverse or starting a company from scratch. I specialize in taking complex topics that people throw around to try and make themselves seem smarter than others and explain them in simple, actionable items that ignite new ideas.

Notable speeches

Global sports summit 2023

“The most diverse entrepreneur I’ve worked with during my 15 years in the media industry. Neil’s entrepreneurial success is consistent and vast and can be verified by assessing his credentials; over 30 years, he has been a creator and producer of content in all forms of media. Neil has created, financed and produced content in virtually every major media category. 

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Matt Vassallo, EVP International TV Disribution, MGM

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Neil Mandt