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Neil Mandt


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My story

Let me start by saying achieving my success was hard, very hard! It took many years, with incredible struggles and sacrifices that would be too much for most people to deal with. Despite the drama of the journey, I made it to the highest levels of media & entertainment.  

Along the way I made many mistakes and I faced an incredible amount of rejection. I took financial and creative risks that would scare most people to death. Despite that, I outperformed my wildest fantasies. 

What did I really want? I wanted freedom! 

I never wanted a job, I wanted a lifestyle. I wanted to be able to travel the world first class and have others pay for it. I wanted to work with actors, directors and other creatives that would elevate my ideas and challenge me to think differently.

I talked my way onto a movie set when I was 10 years old living in Michigan. At 16 I was producing and directing a local television show in Detroit that went on to win an Emmy Award. At 26 I was the producer in charge of ABC News' daily coverage of the O.J. Simpson Criminal Trial. In the years that followed I went on to produce 10 movies, 3,000 episodes of television shows, win 5 Emmy Awards, become a pioneer and AI, AR & VR content creation and purchase and develop a number of commercial and residential real estate projects.

When I moved to Hollywood I lived in my car. Now I own the building at the end of that very same block.

There are so many things that are involved in creating a lifestyle of freedom, backed by success and passive revenue. I have learned and developed a number of secrets and a few short cuts along the way.

Producing a TV show about NASCAR in 1994

I understood that I would need to be an entrepreneur at a very early age. I knew no one would hand me anything, it would all take work, dedication and neverending persistance and this would require self education.

It doesn't matter what the subject is, the thing that will separate those from success and those who will be passed over or disrupted by AI, will be a person's ability to always adjust and create a brand that is seen as valuable. Businesses and people will want to align themselves with others who bring quality to the project.

I can help you learn how to excel at what you do. Do you want a lifestyle of freedom? Do you have creative skills that you don't know how to monetize? Do you want to take things to the next level? I believe I have value to offer you.

It's critical that everyone learns how to fine tune their communications skills and develops a sharp understanding of how to sell themselves and their ideas to others.

Fun facts about me

I was accused of being a spy in The Gambia


I started my career in the entertainment industry at the age of 10


I performed as the opening act for Run DMC in 1984



I participated in the world famous oil wrestling tournament in Turkey

My business is truly global: I visited 125+ countries and have done business in more than 50

There are three ways to work with me


I help individuals succeed in the industry by providing high-touch personalized support


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Producing The Last Movie Star for A24

Recent work

Digital Rights Management

Tech platform providing risk analytic solutions and licensing opportunities to property owners from location-based digital media companies.

Since the pandemic, I Produced The Golden Globe Awards, won numerous awards in AR content creation and raised millions of dollars from private investors to fund my AI company

Golden Globe Awards 

Creative direction and management of all aspects of the 2022 broadcast of this global awards show.


The world’s most comprehensive app of True Crime content.

Began career as a professional actor


Created VTV Rock Interviews. This music-focused public access show featured one-on-one interviews with icons and up and comers.


Neil interviewing Lenny Kravitz

Hired by NBC in Detroit as their Entertainment Reporter.


Worked as a news reporter for ESPN


Hired by ABC News to be the Producer in Charge of the O.J. Simpson Criminal Trial.

Wrote, Directed, Produced and Co-starred in my first feature film, Hijacking Hollywood.


Released my first feature film "Hijacking Hollywood".


Directed my second and third movies.


Hired by NBC Sports to be a producer at the Olympics in Sydney. Won an Emmy Award.


Started to create, sell and produce series television to Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, E!, Travel, Showtime, Discovery, Food, MSN, and more.


Produced Beg Borrow & Deal, Jim Rome is Burning, Reel Classics Uncut & The ESPY Awards all for ESPN in the same year.


Created the SyFy hit series Destination Truth staring Josh Gates


Wrote, produced, directed and starred in “The Most Award Winning Independent Film” of the year, Last Stop for Paul.


"Last Stop for Paul is an ingenious way of constructing a good film out of virtually nothing" — 

Wrote, produced, directed and starred in the showtime series "Next Stop for Charlie"


Sold and Produced the feature film Million Dollar Arm, released by Disney.


Launched the Immersive Media company Mandt VR. Produced the Super Bowl in VR.


Raised millions of dollars in capital from private investors to start a True Crime AI media company.


Hired by the Hollywood Foreign Press to produce the Golden Globe Awards


Launched my first online course about the entertainment business


I can teach you how to both mitigate risk and profit from looming technological and cultural changes as you build out your media brand

Neil Mandt