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Breaking into the content industry is incredibly difficult…
but SO worth it.

You have always wanted to work in Media & Entertainment but you don't know where to start.

  • You don't know how to create a blockbuster movie / TV series.
  • You feel like you don’t have the connections.
  • You don't know how to pitch to investors who will take your idea globally.

Producing the 2022 Golden Globe Awards

Making you feel like you don’t have what it takes to elevate your dreams to the Hollywood level.


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chapter 1




Learn at your own pace. 

This comprehensive course contains 13 hours of instructional content delivered through 144 value-packed videos. After each chapter, you will take a short quiz to solidify your understanding and enhance your learning experience. Each video is integrated with progress tracking to ensure you always keep your place.

Chapter 1: Introduction

1. Introduction to the Course (4:26)

2. Who is Neil Mandt? (2:24)

3. Success Requires Risk and Sacrifice (3:49)

Chapter 2: Perfecting Your Digital Identity

1. Introduction: Digital Identity (0:29)

2. Establishing Authenticity is Critical (2:23)

3. Importance of an Online Presence (5:20)

4. SEO Explained and How to Use It to Your Advantage (5:00)

5. Conclusion to Digital Identity (0:19)

Chapter 3: From Ideation to Infinity: Neil's Personal Case Studies

1. Introduction to Launching a Company Walkthrough (0:53)
2. Producing a TV Show as a Teenager (5:14)
3. Selling Content Through Syndication (6:40)
4. Producing an Independent Film (21:47)
5. Launching Mandt Brothers Productions (29:01)
6. Launching a Professional Sports League from Scratch (6:51)
7. Launching a Virtual Reality Production Company (15:38)
8. Launching an Online AI Media Company (19:15)
9. Conclusion to Launching a Company Walkthrough (0:37)

Chapter 4: Lessons in Productions

1. Introduction to Lessons in Productions (0:57)
2. Learning Responsibility as a Child Actor (13:01)
3. Working as a Local News Reporter (15:06)
4. Producing Network News (12:24)
5. Producing ESPN's Jim Rome is Burning (14:25)
6. Creating the SyFy Hit Series Destination Truth (9:59)
7. Producing the Indie Hit Last Stop for Paul (23:27)
8. Producing the Showtime Series Next Stop for Charlie (41:21)
9. Creating The Car Show with Adam Corolla for Speed Channel (13:20)
10. Developing, Producing and Selling Disney's Million Dollar Arm (24:55)
11. ESPY Awards and Jamie Foxx: A Cautionary Tale (10:31)
12. Producing the Golden Globe Awards in Less Than 5 Weeks During COVID (10:09)
13. Producing Talk Shows in the 90's (8:09)
14. Neil Mandt and Ross Smith Talk Content (19:07)
15. Conclusion to Lessons in Production (0:31)

Chapter 5: Pitching

1. Introduction to Pitching (0:45)
2. What is a Pitch? (1:31)
3. Ideation (2:30)
4. Will the Idea Make Money? (2:49)
5. Protecting Your Idea (2:59)
6. The Elevator Pitch Meets the Pitch Deck (3:05)
7. What is a Sizzle Reel? (9:08)
8. Sizzle Reel Structure (4:52)
9. Tips and Tricks for a Live Pitch (3:43)
10. Perfect Time to Pitch (6:04)
11. How to Remain Focused During a Pitch (4:28)
12. Getting to the "Yes" Person (2:10)
13. Getting Meetings: Attachments (2:39)
14. Getting Meetings: Mentors and Networking (2:17)
15. Part 1: How to Turn a No into a Yes (10:26)
16. Part 2: How to Turn a No into a Yes (8:14)
17. Dealing with Rejection (7:19)
18. Pilots Explained (4:22)
19. Branded Content: Verizon and Big Papi (10:11)
20. Branded Content: ESPN (6:55)
21. Serialized Branded Content: Horoscopes (8:52)
22. Different Formats of Reality TV (6:22)
23. Reality TV Talent (3:43)
24. Sample Sizzle: My Child Sees Dead People (2:59)
25. Sample Sizzle: Breaking the Law (2:10)
26. Conclusion to Pitching (0:25)

Chapter 6: Acting and Casting

1. Introduction to Acting and Casting (0:41)

2. Casting from Actor's POV (8:08)

3. Casting from Director & Producer POV (3:18)

4. Neil Mandt Shares a Casting Story (5:43)

5. An Epic Story of Rejection Story (4:19)

6. Managers Explained (3:26)

7. Actor Needs: Headshots (5:42)

8. Actor Needs: Classes (3:33)

9. Conclusion to Acting and Casting (0:23)

Chapter 7: Strategies

1. Introduction to Strategies (0:19)

2. When to Turn Down a Development Deal (4:29)

3. No Downtime, Create! (1:26)

4. Understanding Shadowing (11:03)

5. Conclusion to Strategies (0:27)

Chapter 8: Distribution Methods

1. Introduction to Distribution 0:46)

2. Differences between OTT, SVOD, AVOD, and DTC (4:19)

3. Indie Self Distribution (9:03)

4. Hijacking Hollywood Promotion (7:00)

5. Film Festivals (14:48)

6. Conclusion to Distribution (0:23)

Chapter 9: Understanding Media

1. Introduction to Media History 0:36)

2. How We Got to the Fourth Revolution (3:47)

3. The Death of Cable (6:56)

4. Identifying Big Shifts in Media (3:30)

5. Conclusion to Media History (0:19)

Chapter 10: Technologies

1. Introduction to Technologies (1:14)
2. What is the Metaverse? (0:57)
3. What is Virtual Reality? (3:21)
4. VR Status Report (2:29)
5. What is Augmented Reality? (1:28)
6. Pokemon GO: An Augmented Reality Superstar (3:53)
7. Dangers of AR in Real Estate (8:34)
8. AR, the Real World and the Law (3:36)
9. Monetizing and Social Experiences Using AR (9:25)
10. Interactive Media and Gamification (4:16)
11. VR & AR and Virtual Worlds (7:39)
12. VR & AR and Shopping (3:53)
13. What is Chat GPT? (6:59)
14. AI Impact: Editors (2:47)
15. AI Impact: Writers (2:23)
16. AI Impact: IP Rights (2:10)
17. AI Impact: Actors (3:32)
18. Conclusion to Technologies (0:28)

Chapter 11: Business Fundamentals

1. Introduction to Business Fundamentals (0:27)
2. Setting Up a Corporate Entity (2:41)
3. Do I Need a Loan Out Corporation? (1:59)
4. Insurance Requirements (4:17)
5. Business Security (1:58)
6. Business Branding (2:22)
7. Funding: Family, Friends and Crowds (4:00)
8. Funding: Venture Capitalists (6:43)
9. Funding: Accelerators and Incubators (2:05)
10. Show Respect to Early Supporters (3:42)
11. The Capitalization Table (2:43)
12. Budgeting Needs and Wants (3:21)
13. Banking Set Up (2:34)
14. Understanding Personnel (7:49)
15. Hiring and Firing Personnel (4:38)
16. Conclusion to Business Fundamentals (0:17)

Chapter 12: Unions

1. Introduction to Unions (0:25)

2. The Role of Unions in Media (3:37)

3. What is SAG-AFTRA? (4:11)

4. How Can I Do Both Union and Non-Union Work? (3:32)

5. How Do You Get into SAG? (3:30)

6. The Director's Guild (1:44)

7. Writers Guild & Reality TV (4:00)

8. What is the Producer's Guild? (7:56)

9. IATSE (1:49)

10. Conclusion to Unions (0:23)

Chapter 13: Legal

1. Introduction to Legal 0:29)

2. Agreements: NDA and Vendor Agreements (3:07)

3. What to Look for in a Contract: Terms (2:37)

4. What to Look for in a Contract: Ownership and Exclusivity (7:35)

5. What to Look for in a Contract: Future Rights and FNFR (3:53)

6. What is a Shopping Agreement? (2:06)

7. What is Intellectual Property? (8:54)

8. Release Forms & Clearances (6:18)

9. What is Music Clearance? (5:39)

10. Dealing with Network Notes (2:36)

11. Conclusion to Legal (0:16)

Chapter 14: Conclusion

1. Having Passion (2:15)

2. Broken Twig Story & Elena Story (9:15)

3. Conclusion Course Wrap Up (1:28)

Neil is one of the most unique individuals working in the media/entertainment space. Highly entrepreneurial person who understands all elements of the media industry. From creating to selling, Neil has done it all. But what truly qualifies him for unique assessment is that he has worked in areas never previously treaded in and has paved the way. Wonderful person to learn from.

Jules Haimovitz
Creator of Showtime, Lifetime, Smithsonian, Sundance and A&E Networks

I can help you break into Content Creation, without the frustration.

I started with nothing and went on to become a 5 Time Emmy Award winner, sold movies to every conglomerate in Hollywood (including Disney & A24), and produced 3,000 + episodes of network television.

More importantly, I want to help.

It is extremely rare that someone with 30+ years of success in media is willing to share his secrets and mentor the next generation of stars. But this is what I find meaningful!

You've heard the phrase, "It's all about who you know”, and I can be that insider to help you kick down doors!

It’s not enough to learn what your job is, but you need to know how your job impacts everyone else in the business. 

Media & Entertainment


HOW to make it in

Neil Mandt


A Master Course


A Master Course in Media & Entertainment is a comprehensive video course that will teach anyone interested in any sector of the Entertainment Business how to succeed in the media industry. 

What is it?

You will learn the following:

Tools to manage your business

Intellectual property & business security

Running a production company

What to look for in a contract

How to get funding for your projects

How to pitch any project

Secrets to creating various types of TV content

Finding managers & partners

Acting, Casting & Networking

How to create a powerful personal brand

Create your digital identity

Finding your style in production

Technology: VR, AR, AI & content creation

Entrepreneurship: The art of hustle

... and so much more!

So you can save DECADES of trial and error, land those big productions you desire, and turn your brightest ideas into reality.

This is for anyone interested in making their media dreams a reality.

Studio executives

Studio executives in media must constantly evaluate potential projects and make high-stakes decisions about which films or TV shows to greenlight, taking into account both creative and financial considerations. Securing funding and managing budgets for various productions can be demanding, as they strive to ensure a healthy return on investment for the studio. Competition is fierce in this field.


As a newbie producer in media, challenges include a lack of experience and network, difficulty accessing funding for projects, and facing intense competition in the industry. Handling rejection, long project development cycles, and high-pressure situations are also part of the demanding journey to success.


Securing auditions and landing roles is a constant struggle, as the demand for acting opportunities far exceeds the available roles. Additionally, actors must cope with the pressure to balance artistic integrity with commercial viability, while also facing the emotional toll of frequent rejection and the need to navigate complex contractual and legal matters.


It's a struggle to break into the industry without a significant portfolio or established network. Acquiring funding for their projects can be a daunting task, as investors may prefer to work with experienced directors with a proven track record. You must handle the pressures of leading a production, managing a team, and ensuring the project's timely and successful completion.


What makes Neil Mandt's course different from other Introduction to Media courses?

The simple answer is that there is NO OTHER course like this. There are no instructors in media that have produced the Golden Globe Awards, the O.J. Simpson Criminal Trial for ABC News, The Olympics for NBC Sports, movies for Disney & A24, the Super Bowl in virtual reality, created more than 3,000 episodes of television, won 5 Emmy Awards and has been working in AI content creation since 2015.

This is a one-of-a-kind class with no equal. I deliver in business and will deliver excellence in education.

about me

Learn from a Media

I'm Neil and I wanted to work in media & entertainment since I was a young kid, or at least that's what I thought.

It turned out, what I really wanted was to have a lifestyle that allowed for freedom and creativity. I wanted to be able able to travel the world on a whim and create entertaining and inspiring content. It didn't happen easily, quickly or without significant challenges and soul searching.

Everything great requires work to achieve it and to keep it. I want to see others make it to the top of their fields and I will share the secrets that led to my success. 

Neil Mandt

I've had the privilege of producing content for these iconic brands

your big goals

If you’re shooting for the stars, we’ll help you build a rocket ship.

Living your dreams will change your life forever!

  • Learn how to brand yourself as an expert
  • Identify what matters for your craft
  • Save time and money by avoiding scams
  • Secrets to meeting the power players in the Media & Entertainment Industry

Live your dreams

From directing, acting, producing, journalism, and entrepreneurship, Neil has done it all. Nobody is more qualified to enlighten those with media aspirations about the intricacies and pitfalls of the business.

Lilla Zuckerman, Creator, “Poker Face” Peacock.

Neil is easily one of the most innovative, insightful, creative, thoughtful, high energy and hard working people I have had the pleasure of seeing in action. Not only does he have great experience and perspective, but he has an endless stream of ideas and the ability to execute

Kevin Conroy - Former Chief Marketing Officer, BMG Entertainment, UnivisioN

At every juncture, Neil provides a thoughtful analysis of technological developments in a clear, concise way that helps professionals outside of Silicon Valley understand the potential impacts on them and their businesses.


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Acting & Casting





Check out the full curriculum breakdown

Content creation

You're about to embark on a fun-filled journey exploring the evolution of content. We'll explore the formats and production techniques that dominate film and television. Genres will include Scripted, Reality. Sports Media, News, Documentaries. We will help you find your unique style. You'll get to know different production equipment, from tripods and drones to mics and lighting setups. By the end, you'll understand the content creation process from start to finish.


In this course, we'll explore the impact of industry unions, business management, funding options, and legal considerations. We'll delve into intellectual property, personnel management, and distribution methods like OTT, SVOD, and DTC. Expect clear explanations on each topic to strengthen your business acumen. We'll also tackle important legal considerations like agreements (NDA, vendor agreements, release forms), music rights, contract elements, and liability.


You'll learn how to brainstorm game-changing ideas, figure out if they'll actually make you money, and safeguard your creative genius. We'll walk you through crafting your pitch materials and delivering a presentation that will knock the socks off anyone listening. You'll also discover how to get your idea in front of the right people, bounce back from rejections, and use your network to score important meetings.


This class delves into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, highlighting the emergence of the Metaverse and the future it holds. The chapter further explores the benefits of VR, AR & AI in various sectors, including education, training, social interaction, and commerce. It also discusses the potential of VR, AR & AI in content creation, their future, and the concept of virtual humans. Lastly, it touches upon the implications of these technologies on TV editing, intellectual property, and the monetization possibilities in AR.

Acting / Casting

In this course, we'll explore the casting process from both the actor's and director/producer's perspectives. We'll share real-life casting stories, like Neil's, to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what really goes on. We'll also discuss the importance of acting classes, not just for improving your craft but also as networking opportunities. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of the casting process and how to market yourself as an actor. 

I did all the hustle and grind for over 30 years, so you don’t have to.


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Neil Mandt