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You have always wanted to work in the Entertainment Business but you don't know where to start. Whether you want to be a Producer, Director, Actor, Studio Executive, or syndicate your content across TV and the internet, I can help you cut to the front of the line and create a path to make your dreams come true.


Teaching you how to excel in entertainment business

Here's the thing

Breaking into Hollywood is incredibly difficult

It's as hard as you think! Succeeding is an entirely different matter. You've heard the phrase, "it's all about who you know." You need an insider to help you kick down doors!

There is no one path to breaking into the Entertainment Business and there isn't a single school in the world that can properly prepare you for the twists, turns and challenges along the way. I have more than 30 years of connections and success, and I want to help.

Producing the 2022 Golden Globe Awards

I've had the privilege of producing content for these iconic brands

I started with nothing, no money, and no connections. 

After 30+ years in Hollywood, I have won 5 Emmy Awards, produced movies for Disney, A24, and more than 3,000 episodes of television and have been an expert in Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and virtual reality since 2015. Whether you want to be a producer, director, actor, writer, studio executive or a creative department head, I will share all of the secrets I have learned from decades of entrepreneurship. 

Neil is an experienced producer who has created and executed ideas across genres. He is consistently innovating and always working on the cutting edge of what is coming next in the industry.

Connor Schell, Former Head of Content, ESPN

As an aspiring Media entrepreneur, you'll face a myriad of challenges

Studio executives

Studio executives in Hollywood must constantly evaluate potential projects and make high-stakes decisions about which films or TV shows to greenlight, taking into account both creative and financial considerations. Securing funding and managing budgets for various productions can be demanding, as they strive to ensure a healthy return on investment for the studio. Competition is fierce in this field.


As a newbie producer in Hollywood, challenges include a lack of experience and network, difficulty accessing funding for projects, and facing intense competition in the industry. Handling rejection, long project development cycles, and high-pressure situations are also part of the demanding journey to success.


Securing auditions and landing roles is a constant struggle, as the demand for acting opportunities far exceeds the available roles. Additionally, actors must cope with the pressure to balance artistic integrity with commercial viability, while also facing the emotional toll of frequent rejection and the need to navigate complex contractual and legal matters.


It's a struggle to break into the industry without a significant portfolio or established network. Acquiring funding for their projects can be a daunting task, as investors may prefer to work with experienced directors with a proven track record. You must handle the pressures of leading a production, managing a team, and ensuring the project's timely and successful completion.

It’s not enough to learn what your job is, but you need to know how your job impacts everyone else in the business. 

Entertainment Business


HOW to make it in the

Neil Mandt


A Master Course

A Master Course in Entertainment is a comprehensive video course that will teach anyone who is interested in any sector of the Entertainment Business how to break into their industry. 

What is it?

I will teach you the following:

Tools to manage your business

Intellectual property & business security

Running a production company

What to look for in a contract

How to get funding for your projects

How to pitch any project

Secrets to creating various types of TV content

Finding managers & partners

Acting, Casting & Networking

How to create a powerful personal brand

Create your digital identity

Finding your style in production

Technology: VR, AR, AI & content creation

Entrepreneurship: The art of hustle

... and so much more!

What makes Neil Mandt's course different from other Introduction to Hollywood courses?

The simple answer is that there is NO OTHER course like this. There are no instructors in Hollywood that have produced the Golden Globe Awards, the O.J. Simpson Criminal Trial for ABC News, The Olympics for NBC Sports, movies for Disney & A24, the Super Bowl in virtual reality, created more than 3,000 episodes of television, won 5 Emmy Awards and has been working in AI content creation since 2015.

This is a one-of-a-kind class with no equal. I deliver in business and will deliver excellence in education.

about me

Learn from a Hollywood insider

I'm Neil and I wanted to work in the entertainment business since I was a young kid, or at least that's what I thought.

It turned out, what I really wanted was to have a lifestyle that allowed for freedom and creativity. I wanted to be able able to travel the world on a whim and create entertaining and inspiring content. It didn't happen easily, quickly or without significant challenges and soul searching.

Everything great requires work to achieve it and to keep it. I want to see others make it to the top of their fields and I will share the secrets that led to my success. 

Neil Mandt

your big goals

Shoot for the stars

Living your dreams will change your life forever!

  • Learn how to brand yourself as an expert
  • Identify what matters for your craft
  • Save time and money by avoiding Hollywood scams
  • Secrets to meeting the power players in the Entertainment Industry

Live your dreams

Neil is easily one of the most innovative, insightful, creative, thoughtful, high energy and hard working people I have had the pleasure of seeing in action. Not only does he have great experience and perspective, but he has an endless stream of ideas and the ability to execute

Kevin Conroy - Former Chief Marketing Officer, BMG Entertainment, UnivisioN

From directing, acting, producing, journalism, and entrepreneurship, Neil has done it all. Nobody is more qualified to enlighten those with Hollywood aspirations about the intricacies and pitfalls of the business.

Lilla Zuckerman, Creator, “Poker Face” Peacock.


Neil’s thought-provoking message, real-life examples, and relevant content provided our audience with an entirely new point of view and challenged them to think about the metaverse and AR risk in a new way.


Neil has been involved in the metaverse for a decade, and I knew he could deliver a thoughtful program to any sophisticated audience. He was engaging and insightful and had meaningful takeaways that got everyone thinking about how they might apply in their asset classes.

Neil strikes a stimulating balance of wisdom and curiosity. He understands the benefits, rewards, and consequences of emerging technologies in a way that I have yet to see from Web 3.0 experts. He grounds his research on common understanding, and it really goes a long way as society continues to wrap their minds around the concept.


At every juncture, Neil provides a thoughtful analysis of technological developments in a clear, concise way that helps professionals outside of Silicon Valley understand the potential impacts on them and their businesses.


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Acting & Casting





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Content creation

You're about to embark on a fun-filled journey exploring the evolution of content. We'll explore the formats and production techniques that dominate film and television. Genres will include Scripted, Reality. Sports Media, News, Documentaries. We will help you find your unique style. You'll get to know different production equipment, from tripods and drones to mics and lighting setups. By the end, you'll understand the content creation process from start to finish.


In this course, we'll explore the impact of industry unions, business management, funding options, and legal considerations. We'll delve into intellectual property, personnel management, and distribution methods like OTT, SVOD, and DTC. Expect clear explanations on each topic to strengthen your business acumen. We'll also tackle important legal considerations like agreements (NDA, vendor agreements, release forms), music rights, contract elements, and liability.


You'll learn how to brainstorm game-changing ideas, figure out if they'll actually make you money, and safeguard your creative genius. We'll walk you through crafting your pitch materials and delivering a presentation that will knock the socks off anyone listening. You'll also discover how to get your idea in front of the right people, bounce back from rejections, and use your network to score important meetings.


This class delves into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, highlighting the emergence of the Metaverse and the future it holds. The chapter further explores the benefits of VR, AR & AI in various sectors, including education, training, social interaction, and commerce. It also discusses the potential of VR, AR & AI in content creation, their future, and the concept of virtual humans. Lastly, it touches upon the implications of these technologies on TV editing, intellectual property, and the monetization possibilities in AR.

Acting / Casting

In this course, we'll explore the casting process from both the actor's and director/producer's perspectives. We'll share real-life casting stories, like Neil's, to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what really goes on. We'll also discuss the importance of acting classes, not just for improving your craft but also as networking opportunities. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of the casting process and how to market yourself as an actor. 

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Neil Mandt