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Secrets to Pitching in Hollywood

Are you ready to take your creative idea from concept to pitch?

Join award-winning Hollywood producer Neil Mandt as he teaches you how to turn your ideas into compelling pitches that resonate with key decision-makers in the industry.



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Are you struggling to make your mark in Hollywood? 

You have unique skills, experiences, and passion. But do you know how to present yourself in the most compelling way possible? This course will help you understand that you are the product and how to sell this to your audience effectively. 
Successful pitchers are not only good at talking but also at listening. They pay attention to their audience's reactions and feedback and are willing to adapt their pitch accordingly.

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Here's what you will learn in this class

Personal stories

I also share some of my personal experiences and anecdotes, including a rather unusual encounter with Kurt Russell during a pitch meeting! These stories offer real-life insights into the world of pitching and provide valuable lessons that go beyond theoretical knowledge.

Secrets to Pitching in Hollywood


Market research

Before you even begin crafting your pitch, it's essential to conduct thorough market research. This information is crucial to position your idea uniquely and persuasively.


Your audience

Every organization has its unique decision-making process. You need to know who the key decision-makers are and what matters to them. Tailoring your pitch to address their specific interests can significantly increase your chances of success.


Producing the Golden Globe Awards

Don't let your dreams just be dreams. It's time to take action! 

Join this class and arm yourself with the knowledge, skills, and strategies you need to break into Hollywood and beyond.


Helping you navigate the industry's complexities 

Neil Mandt is a 5-Time Emmy Award Winning Producer who has sold movies and TV shows to every conglomerate in Hollywood and is able to teach you what he has learned in his 30+ years in the entertainment business. 

Notably, he has been recognized as a Clio Winner and is renowned as an Augmented Reality pioneer. Neil holds the distinction of being the first to produce the Super Bowl in VR and is a Co-Founder of the only government-sanctioned professional MMA league in China.

With a track record of helping entities from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies refine their strategies, Neil's expertise is invaluable in crafting content that connects with digitally native audiences.

Neil Mandt

The world is waiting for your talent

Learn the secrets of success from a self made, 5-Time Emmy Winning Hollywood movie and TV producer

Neil Mandt