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4 Secrets to Successfully Pitching Your Ideas

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Breaking into media & entertainment is no easy task.

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But whether you’re an aspiring actor, director, or producer, you know you’ve got everything it takes to make a name for yourself.

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Guidance on getting your foot in the door.

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4 Secrets to Successfully Pitching Your Ideas


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Helping you navigate the industry's complexities 

Neil Mandt is a 5-Time Emmy Award Winning Producer who has sold movies and TV shows to every conglomerate in Media and is able to teach you what he has learned in his 30+ years in the entertainment business. 

Notably, he has been recognized as a Clio Winner and is renowned as an Augmented Reality pioneer. Neil holds the distinction of being the first to produce the Super Bowl in VR and is a Co-Founder of the only government-sanctioned professional MMA league in China.

With a track record of helping entities from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies refine their strategies, Neil's expertise is invaluable in crafting content that connects with digitally native audiences.

Neil Mandt

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