Executive Producer of the Golden Globe Awards

35+ Year Movie & TV Producer
VR & AR Pioneer


Executive Producer of the Golden Globes



Neil Mandt is a creative thinker with an extraordinary breadth of experience in producing feature films, network television, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality content. Neil has sold and produced television and film projects to every conglomerate in Hollywood, his credits include movies for Disney & A24, the Olympics Games, The OJ Simpson Criminal Trial for ABC News, the Golden Globe Awards and series television for ESPN, NBC Universal, Fox, Discovery & Showtime to name a few.

Neil frequently advises a range of corporations, from Fortune 500 companies to innovative start-ups, helping them refine their identities, clarify their objectives, and realize their content strategy in ways that resonate with digitally-native audiences.

He is a member of the prestigious Explorers Club and owner of passport stamps from 122 countries. A 5-time Emmy Winner, Clio Winner, Guinness Book of World Record holder, former opening act for RUN-DMC and currently honored in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Neil's Hollywood memberships include the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Producers Guild of America and the Directors Guild of America. 
Neil has been a pioneer in the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality arenas since 2014 and is a celebrated leader on the protection and monetization of 3D Digital Media Rights management in the Metaverse.

Who is neil mandt?

What does neil speak about?

The Internet is undergoing a fundamental transformation, from a decades-old two-dimensional network of interconnected systems to an emerging, more powerful three-dimensional framework called Web 3.0 or the Metaverse. Being able to look around the bend of this consequential transition gives companies the necessary head-start in strategizing and creating actionable plans that separate those that evolve from those that are left behind. History is replete with firms like Blockbuster Video and Kodak that failed to understand the speed of change from new technologies. Neglecting to consider emerging innovations can cripple a dominant global company, seemingly overnight. 

What does the Metaverse mean for businesses in the real world?

Neil Mandt is uniquely skilled at simplifying the many complex aspects of Web 3.0, including Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AI & robotics, which are all leading to a new phase of the human experience in the workplace and our social environment. Neil breaks down how this new Metaverse is evolving and explores many of the challenges and opportunities it presents across a wide variety of industries. No organization or individual will be immune to its impact. Through his dynamic and engaging presentations, Neil shares the insights and wisdom he has gained from 35+ years of entrepreneurship in media and technology, to help corporate leaders to better understand how to both mitigate risk and profit from looming technological change. The convergence of media and advanced technologies will create entirely new realities that catapult businesses to new levels of success in the digital and physical worlds; Neil Mandt provides a roadmap.

World 50
Augmented World Expo (AWE)
Marsh Insurance 
Colliers International 
DLA Piper 
5G Global London Tech Week
Building Owners Management Association (BOMA) 
Urban Land Institute (ULI) 
Deutsche Bank
International Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)
University of Michigan
University of Texas
Directors Guild of America 
CoreNet Global 
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)
GRI Club
Tiger 21

notable speeches


at the marsh conference


the state of film distribution on CGTV TV

AR/VR expert guest on Cheddar News 

Augmented Reality at the Marsh Conference


Blockchain and NFTs at the NFT Expoverse

News 7 Miami reports on Neil Mandt’s award-winning AR True Crime mobile application

Disney’s Million Dollar Arm trailer produced by Neil Mandt

intellectual property rights in the Metaverse for the Global Investor Conference

neil in the press

"Neil strikes a stimulating balance of wisdom and curiosity. He understands the benefits, rewards and consequences of emerging technologies in a way that I have yet to see from Web 3.0 experts. He grounds his research on common understanding and it really goes a long way as society continues to wrap their mind around the concept."

Malik Ray, World 50

“At every juncture, he provides a thoughtful analysis of technological developments in a clear, concise way that helps professionals outside of Silicon Valley understand the potential impacts on them and their businesses.”  

Karen Whitt, President Real Estate Management Service, Colliers International

“Neil is the most diverse entrepreneur I’ve worked with during my 20 years in the entertainment
industry. Neil’s entrepreneurial success is consistent and vast and can be verified by assessing his credentials; over 30 years, he has been a creator and producer of content in all forms of media.”  

Matt Vassallo, EVP International Distribution, MGM

"Neil’s thought-provoking message, real-life examples, and relevant content provided our audience with an entirely new point of view and challenged them to think about The Metaverse and AR risk in a new way."

Paul Foye, US Real Estate Practice Leader, Marsh

“Neil has been involved in the Metaverse for a decade, and I knew he could deliver a thoughtful program to any sophisticated audience. He was engaging and insightful and had meaningful takeaways that got everyone thinking about how they might apply in their asset classes.”  

JB Bernstein, Las Vegas Chapter Chair, Tiger 21 

veteran traveler of 122 countries

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