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Neil Mandt

Neil Mandt is a 5-Time Emmy Award Winning Producer who has sold movies and TV shows to every conglomerate in Hollywood and is a Clio Winner, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence pioneer, and the first to Produce the Super Bowl in VR



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Key things to know when breaking into the media & entertainment industry

The only virtual school in the world teaching aspiring journalists, actors, producers, directors, and studio executives everything they need to know to conquer the media + entertainment industry.

I've had the privilege of producing content for these iconic brands


The media industry is changing at an unbelievable speed. It’s time to prepare for disruption.

Are you concerned that Artificial Intelligence will eliminate your job?

The thing that will separate those from success and those who will be passed over or disrupted by AI, will be a person's ability to always adjust and create a brand that is seen as valuable. Businesses and people will always see value in aligning themselves with others who bring quality to the project.

You want the lifestyle of freedom, you have creative skills that you don't know how to monetize, or you just want to take things to the next level. I can help you understand how to always add value to whatever you do. 

Neil has seen the world of entertainment from all sides, and has been an innovator for decades in programming and technology. His expertise in the creative and business aspects of the entertainment industry is only matched by the life lessons he has so generously shared.

Sandy Climan, Founder & CEO of Entertainment Media Ventures, former Executive Vice President and President of Worldwide Business Development, Universal Studios

about me

Navigate the industry with a Media insider

I'm Neil and I wanted to work in the media business since I was a young kid, or at least that's what I thought.

It turned out, what I really wanted was to have a lifestyle that allowed for freedom and creativity. I wanted to be able able to travel the world on a whim and create entertaining and inspiring content. It didn't happen easily, quickly or without significant challenges and soul searching.

Everything great requires work to achieve it and to keep it. I want to see others make it to the top of their fields and I will share the secrets that led to my success. 

Neil Mandt

I can teach you how to both mitigate risk and profit from looming technological and cultural changes as you build out your media brand

Thought leadership

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Neil Mandt is uniquely skilled at simplifying the many complex aspects of how artificial intelligence, media and the Internet are colliding in unimaginable ways. Through his dynamic and engaging presentations, Neil shares the insights and wisdom he has gained from 30+ years of entrepreneurship


Neil is one of the best producers and intellectuals in the business. He is always cutting edge and has a very strong handle on the future of technology. Neil is very gifted.

Walter Affanasieff, Grammy Winner, “Producer of the Year”

Neil strikes a stimulating balance of wisdom and curiosity. He understands the benefits, rewards, and consequences of emerging technologies in a way that I have yet to see from Web 3.0 experts. He grounds his research on common understanding, and it really goes a long way as society continues to wrap their minds around the concept.


At every juncture, Neil provides a thoughtful analysis of technological developments in a clear, concise way that helps professionals outside of Silicon Valley understand the potential impacts on them and their businesses.



Neil’s thought-provoking message, real-life examples, and relevant content provided our audience with an entirely new point of view and challenged them to think about the metaverse and AR risk in a new way.


Neil has been involved in the metaverse for a decade, and I knew he could deliver a thoughtful program to any sophisticated audience. He was engaging and insightful and had meaningful takeaways that got everyone thinking about how they might apply in their asset classes.

Walter Affanasieff, Grammy Winner of Producer of The Year

Neil is one of the best producers and intellectuals in the business. He is always cutting edge and has a very strong handle on the future of technology. Neil is very gifted.

Matthew Brady, Producer of The Espy Awards & Miss USA Paegent

Neil multi faceted - succeeding in studio movies, indie movies, TV, reality, awards show and web to name a few. My goal is to keep working with Neil and his team for the next 20 years. I highly recommend him on all fronts.

Neil’s mind is sharp, collaborative and wired for the business world. He has an unshakable grasp of how the entertainment and legal industries intersect, and how to prosper in each while bringing people together. He is the rare combination of teacher and leader in multiple industries.

Casey Sobhani, Partner, Head of Leasing United States, DLA Piper

So many new people come out to LA every day trying to break into the industry and Neil is a great example of someone who has not only done successfully it, with grace and class and really, truly wants to help others solve the big Hollywood puzzle.

Paul Fishbein, movie producer & publisher

From directing, acting, producing, journalism, and entrepreneurship, Neil has done it all. Nobody is more qualified to enlighten those with Hollywood aspirations about the intricacies and pitfalls of the business.

Lilla Zuckerman, Creator, "Poker Face" Peacock.

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